Sun Pillar

by Sun Pillar

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gCrusher Never a dull moment throughout the entire album. Many of the songs change rhythm and tone partway through, but the transition is never jarring. Part rock, part funk, park folk, all of it delivered solidly. Love the acoustic guitar throughout Heroin Girl. Favorite track: Heroin Girl.
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Our 1st release, a great mixture of hard rocking tunes and bluesy jammy ditties.


released February 6, 2015

Michael Tolman - guitars, vocals
Robert Stacy - bass, vocals
James Stacy - drums, vocals



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Sun Pillar Eugene, Oregon

A rock band that jams. A jam band that rocks. A mix of power and panache from Eugene, Oregon. Simple driven songs with a straight forward message brought to you from the working class.

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Track Name: Adaptation
I learned to run.
I learned to walk.
I learned to crawl and to swim.

I learned to run after I walked.
I learned to walk after I crawled.
I learned to crawl after I swam
but I don't know when that was.

'Cause Evolution baby
is nothing new to you
and Adaptation honey,
you know how we do.

Learn to run after you walk.
Learn to walk after you crawl.
Learn to crawl after you swim
and you will begin.
Track Name: Right
I've been the one who's washing his hands of it, fine to let it break down,
on my way to becoming careless, fine to let it fade out.
I've been the one who's begging forgiveness, try with all of my might,
on my way to becoming desperate, try to make it all right.
I've been the one who's taking it too far, fine to let you be mad,
on my way to becoming callous, fine to make us both sad.
I've been the one who's making you feel better, try to work it all out,
on my way to becoming wiser, try to quiet the doubt.
Track Name: My Guns
I won't let them take my guns.
They won't let me take my drugs.
No one's having any fun.
Track Name: Heroin Girl
I was in Boise Idaho. I was going to a Graveltruck show. I saw you standing in the front row. Where does a Heroin Girl like you go after shows? Into the night?
You were standing up by the stage. You and I were both underage. You were smoking a cigarette. Where does a Heroin Girl like you get cigarettes? Out in the night?
I finally met you in the mosh pit. You and I were covered in sweat. I got to help you up from the floor. How could a Heroin Girl ask for more? What's in store out in the night?
Track Name: Me
I went walking just the other day just to see what you had to say. You said nothing, that's fine with me. I'll just keep on trying to be free.
When I got home you were gone, now I don't know where I belong. I hope I find out soon. If I don't I guess I'm fucking doomed.
Well I don't know where to go from here. I'll keep trying to steer myself clear of all the bullshit being thrown at me. Fucked up world, why don't you let me be?
Track Name: Medic
I need a medic, I need one now.
I am erratic, I'm freaking out.
I'm in a panic.
Track Name: Fetish Night
I took her out, it was a Saturday night. She had her corset and her pigtails pulled tight.
I took her to where they were having a ball. She brought her paddle, going to paddle them all.
Putting on pantyhose all night long.
It cost ten dollars just to get in the door. They had suspension, piercing, bondage and more.
It wasn't long before I had to submit. I liked it more than I would like to admit.
Sucking on dirty toes all night long.
Clipping on nipple clamps all night long.
Track Name: Liberty Town
Here in Liberty Town everything is ok if you watch where you go, if you watch what you say. Here in Liberty Town everyone is the same if you have right skin, if you have the right name.

Here in Liberty Town everyone has a chance if you find the right bank and you do the right dance. Here in Liberty Town we're all on the same page if you quiet your thoughts and suppress all your rage.

Here in Liberty Town we have only the best 'cause we take what we want and we bury the rest. Here in Liberty Town everything is for sale and your credit is good 'cause we're too big to fail.
Track Name: Wet Cigarette
It's time to set it off because it's Friday night and we ignore the war by turning of the light. She's gonna get a drink, she's gonna have a smoke, she's gonna cross the line, she's gonna wake up broke.

She wants a cigarette. She wants it nice and wet. Her man's away at war, she's trying to forget. The band is playing loud, the band is playing fast, they sing of ending war but now that song has passed.

She drinks until she smiles. She smiles until she cries. She cries until she drinks. There is a reason why. We don't get a say when they wage a war and we don't get to choose what we're fighting for.